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Youth Commission Annual Events

Youth Partnership Summit

The objective of the Youth Partnership Summit is to create an avenue where Riverside County youth can discuss issues that are affecting their lives and their community. Each year a topic(s) is selected to discuss at the summit based on previous feedback from participants and the Youth Summit Planning Committee. Motivational speakers and various county agencies, assist in creating a forum where youth can engage and speak out about how this particular topic is affecting their lives and communities. The ultimate goal of the Youth Partnership Summit is to discuss these issues, to provide a solution, and to improve the present and future lives of Riverside County youth.

Our tenth annual Youth Partnership Summit was held on March 11, 2010 at the Doral Desert Princess Spa & Resort in Cathedral City. This year students had opportunity to enjoy workshops that focused around health and safety. The workshop topics included: prescription drug abuse, internet safety, and teen depression and suicide. The workshops sought to provide teens with the important warning signs and ways to deal with these problems in their individual schools. During the event, The Riverside County Youth Commission requested that participants complete a survey on teen health in order to provide the Youth Commission with a more accurate view of the situation teens are faced with.

As outlined in the purpose of the Youth Partnership Summit, one of the primary focuses of this event is not only to discuss the problems affecting the youth of the county, but also to create a solution to the problem. Each participant completed an essay on the topic of health, which will assist the Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) in reaching teens on the importance of preventative health. In addition, comments from the essays that were submitted by participants will also be utilized in a Commission public service billboard and announcement campaign.

Panel 60040 Riv Co Youth 8-5-09Please refer to the photo from one of our previous public service announcements from the 2009 Youth Summit on substance abuse. In addition to the billboard campaign, the Youth Commission also created an audio Public Service Announcement on substance abuse which was aired on local radio stations in the Inland Empire. A copy of the Public Service Announcement Audio Files has been included below.


Youth Commission Substance Abuse PSA English
Youth Commission SUbstance Abuse PSA Spanish


 Youth in Government Day

IMG_0184_thumbYouth in Government Day provides an opportunity for Youth Advisory Council Members to learn first hand how local county government functions. During this one day event council members job shaddow county employees and spend time learning about the specific duties of the department they are assigned to. This event also permits for the youth participants to get a better idea of what their future career paths may be. As a result of this event, youth council members have the opportunity to learn about local County government and the wide array of occupational opportunities that the County of Riverside offers.

Youth Commission Annual Retreat

DSC_0309During the Youth Commission Retreat, Youth Advisory Council members from all five supervisorial districts have the opportunity to meet and learn valuable leadership skills that will be utilized throughout the year as they participate in their district Youth Advisory Councils. Each year a motiviational speeker is selected to kick of the event and bring the councils together as they begin their relationship in addressing youth issues in the County of Riverside. In addition, participants are given the opportunity to brainstorm and work together in identifying and coordinating the Youth Commission and Youth Council goals for the year.  


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