County of Riverside Board of Supervisors Seal with Historic Riverside Court House

YAC Council Members & Eligibility Information

Council Members: 2017-2018 

Aaron Melton
Ahtziri Rodriguez
Aldo Jardines
Alfredo  Espinoza 
Alfredo  Cisneros
Alondra Del Toro
Ashley Moreno
Bailey Baeza
Benny  Cai
Bill Merickel
Brenda  Cisneros
Camille Hermosillo
Carla Arroyo
Charles  Field
Chenfeng  Lin
Christian Leyva
Christoper  Arellano
Clarissa  Brown
Dalila Kubaski
Dulce Nava
Evan Yanez
Gabriela  Gutierrez
Hamish De La Cruz
Heydi Arroyo
Imani  Barbary
Ivann De La Cruz
James  Rohde
Janet Albarran
Jessica Dominici
Johanna De La Cruz
Juan Samanamud
Laura  Toral
Leoncio Hermosillo
Marco  Gallegos
Maria  Lomeli
Marilyn Jasso
Monserrat Patino-Rodriguez
Nathan  Gomez
Olivia  Gehrs
Patricia Pacheco
Salvador Arambula
Samantha Interiano
Samantha  Morales-Torres
Siraaj  Kudtarkar
Sukhuir Beinlg
Tyler Coleman
Victoria Murguia
Victoria Field
Victoria Sloot
Yasmin Pineda


Requirements to join the council:
Applicant should reside or attend a high school within the Second District of Riverside County 

Applicant must have adequate time to serve on the council which meets twice a month from September to June

Applicant must submit an application to join the council by the application deadline

Applicant must attend an interview with the Council Coordinator (Interview dates to be mailed after close of application period)

Applicant must attend the Annual Retreat (Date: August 3, 2017)



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