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In-Progress Projects

SR-91 HOV Project

Project Status: Complete
Overview: Widen six miles of the SR-91 between Adams Street and the 60/91/215 Interchange by constructing one HOV lane in each direction, closing the existing HOV gap.
Project Websites: http://www.sr91project.info/

Construction Start: Spring 2012
Construction End: Summer 2014
Investment: $232 million
Jobs Created: 1,500
Lead Agency: Caltrans
Route(s) Affected: State Route 91


Roadway Improvements:

  • Relocate 9th Street westbound on ramp to 10th Street

  • Braid eastbound and westbound ramps at 14th Street and University Avenue

  • Modifications to Arlington interchange

  • Widen and reconstruct Madison eastbound on and off ramps and Central westbound off ramp

Bridge Replacements:

  • 14th Street

  • Cridge Street

  • Pachappa Railroad

  • Ivy Street

Widen Existing Bridges:

  • Central Avenue

  • Arlington Avenue

  • Brockton Avenue/Mary Street

  • Madison Street

  • Jefferson Street




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