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Youth Advisory Council (YAC)



The Riverside County Second District Youth Advisory Council is dedicated to empowering, improving, and connecting the lives of Riverside County youth. The Youth Commission and Youth Advisory Councils serve as a direct link between youth of Riverside County and the Board of Supervisors.


To empower young people to focus on their goals for the future and encourage them to implement strategies to accomplish their aspirations.

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Second District YAC Objectives

  •  To serve as a liaison between Riverside County youth and the Riverside County Board of Supervisors and County departments.
  •  To provide advice to the Board on the relevant issues of young people in the community.
  •  To provide a platform for Riverside County youth to present their ideas, suggestions and recommendations.
  •  To perform annual community service projects that will benefit our community.
  •  To advocate on issues of concern within our local community.




All meetings will start at 5:30pm and will be held at the County Administrative Center located at 4080 Lemon Street, Riverside on the 5th Floor, Conference Room C. The meetings will last approximately one hour long.

Regular Meeting Schedule


End of the Year Dinner

Date: TBD
Location: TBD
Address: TBD

Youth Commission Youth Advisory Council

About the Second District Youth Advisory Council

YAC District 2

Get involved! Learn Leadership Skills! Meet New Friends!

The Second District Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is made up of high school students from within the Second Supervisorial District. The Youth Council is a service oriented organization where council members spend time in the community volunteering at community events based around their interests. The Second District YAC plays a role within the Second District by providing recommendations to Supervisor Tavaglione and staff on youth related issues.  Therefore, council members should be in tune with the surrounding issues that Riverside County youth face. Aside from being involved in the community and making recommendations on youth issues, one of the primary goals of the Second District Council is to better prepare Second District youth for the future. By holding council members to high standards of responsibility, each member has the opportunity to develop important skills that will benefit them in their future endeavors.

The Second District Council works with both private and public entities, to develop and volunteer in a variety of programs to benefit the Second District. The Youth Advisory Council works together to identify and address the anticipated needs of young people in Riverside County. The Second District Council meets bi-weekly to plan and coordinate community projects and discuss volunteer opportunities. Prior to becoming a member of the council all applicants are interviewed and selected by Supervisor Tavaglione and staff to serve on the council for a one year term.  

In August, council members all five districts within the County of Riverside attend the Riverside County Youth Commission Annual Retreat in Desert Hot Springs. During the event council members focus on developing leadership skills that they can utilize throughout the term year. After the retreat each district  elects one member from their council to serve as the district commissioner. Each Commissioner  sits on the Youth Commission, and acts as the representative for their district council. The Youth Advisory Council works closely with their respective Commissioner to develop suggestions and recommendations for Youth Commission programs. The Youth Commission in-turn routinely sends each district council items for review or discussion such as proposed ordinances, planned teen centers, and youth programs or events. 

The Second District Council Members are held to high standards. Below you will find a PDF version of our Second District Participation Agreement, Attendance Policy, and Parental Consent Form. These policies are strictly enforced in order to ensure that we have dedicated council members.